Carbon Steel

The Techni Waterjet machine will cut all grades of steel. It produces a smooth cut on the edge without burn marks, cracking, excess burr, or other problems typically associated with heat-based cutting or mechanical cutting. The lack of heat affected zone from the abrasive jet means that the heat treatment of the steel is not changed by the cutting process.

Stainless Steel

All grades of stainless steel can be cut easily on the Techni Waterjet, even those such as 304 that are difficult to machine with other processes without heat or distortion. A heat affected zone can weaken the integrity of a part and lead to failure. The lack of any HAZ makes the abrasive jet process particularly attractive to those producing food processing and handling equipment or the aerospace industry. Polished or reflective surfaces do not negatively affect the abrasive jet process as they might with a laser cutting system


Alloys of All Types

Difficult-to-machine special superalloys, such as Inconel and Hastelloy are easy to cut without heat or distortion on the Techni.


Probably more aluminum is cut on Techni systems than any other metal because it cuts so quickly and cleanly, without any thermal distortion. More and more laser specialty shops are adding a Techni Waterjet system to their mix of lasers in order to accurately cut thicker aluminum.


The Techni Waterjet system is ideal for cutting titanium, which can be a challenging material for conventional machining processes. Titanium can be cut quickly and accurately without any thermal distortion or surface embrittlement. Because titanium is so expensive, considerable cost savings can be obtained by the close nesting of parts that is possible with the abrasive jet process in order to reduce waste material.



All grades of copper cut quickly and cleanly on the Techni without thermal distortion. The reflectivity that may be an issue for lasers is not a problem for an abrasive jet and there is no problem with “gumming” as might occur with conventional mechanical cutting systems.


Brass alloys cut quickly and cleanly with the abrasive jet process, with no thermal distortion. 


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