Based in Rugby, Warwickshire, we offer a high precision contract profiling and cutting service. Our highly experienced team of engineers are able to provide solutions, advice and completed projects to the highest quality and tightest of tolerances. 

A wide variety of materials may be cut by waterjet, including metals, granite, wood, aluminum, plastic, perspex, foam, carbon fiber, Kevlar and composite materials. Traditionally, composites were cut by diamond saw; however this process is limited to cutting straight lines—waterjet cutting can produce complex, intricate shapes. The process also allows for extremely flexible quantity requirements to be met — from rapid prototyping for development work to full volume production.

Regardless of quantity requirements, waterjet technology cost-effectively produces components to a consistent quality standard. Water jet cutting produces no inherent material changes so, unlike laser cutting, there is no work-hardening of edges. Edges are left perfectly clean, without the need for further machining or labour-intensive finishing. Our technical support team can advise on the most appropriate process for specific requirements and, if required, we will work with our established network of strategic partners to source materials.


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