Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastics

Cutting this advanced material is a major growth area for waterjet systems. This material cuts very quickly and cleanly and the waterjet abrasive system is now widely used in applications from aerospace components to race cars, from NASA to NASCAR. Cutting carbon fiber-reinforced plastics with a waterjet has major advantages, such as no tool clogging or wear, no need to change tooling, no special considerations or restrictions due to heat buildup, no melting, and no hazardous fumes requiring costly air handling equipment.

Glass-Reinforced Plastics

Fiberglass can be cut quickly and cleanly without hazardous dust or fumes by simply submerging the material during cutting.

Other-Reinforced Plastics

Any fiber-reinforced material, including Kevlar reinforced personnel armor, can be quickly and cleanly cut on the Techni without hazardous dust or fumes.

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